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We seek to make NWI and beyond a place where everyone can grow up and age in place with access to our many amenities. Founded in 2018, we are looking for volunteers to aide in our efforts.

Vocational Committee


We are partnering with The Stage Small Business Coworking Space and Business Incubator as well as several state level partners to ensure that Employment First is integrated into all our community job opportunities at competitive wages as the first and preferred outcome for ALL people with disabilities.

ID: Volunteers take notes at the Employment First Workshop.

Infrastructure Committee


We are seeking volunteers to help us promote active transportation, inclusive infrastructure and accessible community spaces. 

ID: Teen volunteers stand on the ramp they built for a project with

Take Bike the Streets .

Volunteer Office for Community Accessibi

The Disability Equipment Network Committee 


In 2020 we are launching a new initiative called The Disability Equipment Network also know as The DEN. We are looking for folks who want to rollup their sleeves and get ready to make this community goal happen.

ID: VOCART volunteers stand in the DEN space ready to work.

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