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Volunteer Office for Community Accessibility, Resource, and Training

ID: VOCART logo (an active blue silhouette of a person in a wheelchair with blue, teal, green and yellow triangles in the background.

ID: Daughter wearing a orange life jacket paddles in a tandem kayak with her mother. Her father is paddling next to her father.

Ramp Builders.jpg

ID: Teen volunteers stand on the ramp they built for a Take Bike the Streets project.

Kennedy Daniels and Zully Alvarado with

ID: Kennedy Daniels and Zully JF Alvarado pose with a Barbie doll in a wheel chair.

VOCART Outdoor Adaptive Escapade .png

ID: Volunteers ride adaptive bikes at the Outdoor Adaptive Festival

Get Involved

We seek to make NWI and beyond a place where everyone can grow up and age in place with access to our many amenities. Founded in 2018, we are looking for volunteers to aide in our efforts.

Jessica Renslow, Zully Alvarado and Gret
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